AutoFlip process - 2006 Audi A4

How AutoFlip Made Life Easier for this First-Time Car Seller

Discover how Michelle, a first-time car seller, found an easy and stress-free way to sell her two cars with AutoFlip. Learn more about the AutoFlip process.

When Michelle decided it was time to part ways with her 2006 Audi A4 and 2008 Honda Stream, she ran into a pretty big pothole: she had never sold cars before and didn’t know the first thing about it. In her search for a solution that wouldn’t involve her doing all the heavy lifting to get a good deal or being ripped off by trading them in, she found AutoFlip. AutoFlip promised a simple and hassle-free way to sell her cars to certified dealers without the usual headaches of private sales.

To help you better understand how AutoFlip works, we’ve sat in the passenger seat as Michelle navigates the AutoFlip process, from uploading her car details to receiving offers and finalising the sale. Join Michelle on her car-selling journey to better understand how AutoFlip can help you.

Getting Started with AutoFlip

From the get-go, Michelle found the AutoFlip website to be a breeze. With its user-friendly layout, even someone like Michelle, who's never sold a car before, could navigate it easily. She spent about 15 minutes gathering all the necessary car details and snapping photos of the interiors and exteriors.

“The website was super easy to use, even for someone with little experience using a platform like this and even less experience selling cars. I really appreciated how easy it was to upload photos too!”

The first step on AutoFlip is also the most important; correctly entering your car details is crucial to creating a solid foundation for car-selling success. With our simple-to-use platform, we'll guide you through all the information we need from you to get started on selling your car. From detailed descriptions to the perfect photos, we'll help you put your car's best wheel forward when creating your listing.

Initial Contact and Listing

After submitting the car details, Michelle didn’t have to wait long before her personal AutoFlip Concierge reached out. Within a few days, Ryan from AutoFlip called her, walking her through the entire process and explaining how he could help. The conversation then turned to her expectations for this process and what she wanted to get out of it. Michelle let Ryan know she wanted to sell her cars as fast as possible and gave him a ballpark figure on the price. From there, Ryan went to work performing a deep dive into her cars, looking at current market conditions and perceived values of these cars to help set a realistic price point.

“My AutoFlip concierge, Ryan, was a lifesaver for someone like me who has never sold a car before. Within a few days of making the listing, Ryan reached out, explaining everything I needed to know and got the ball rolling on selling my cars.”

After their initial conversations, Ryan got to work listing the vehicles on AutoFlip. By handling the listing process internally, AutoFlip can create professional listings for users that ensure their cars make a stellar first impression on potential buyers.

Once her car details were uploaded, the system generated a reserve price based on recent sales of similar vehicles. This reserve price set the minimum amount she could expect to receive.

The Bidding Process

AutoFlip's dealer-based platform meant only certified dealers could bid on Michelle's cars, ensuring a safe and secure process.

The first bid for her Audi was $2000, matching the reserve price. However, with some help from the AutoFlip team, she received more bids and the process ended with Michelle selling her car for $2500. Needless to say, she was over the moon.

“Ryan handled all the bids for me, so I didn’t have to stress about negotiations. He kept in touch regularly to let me know exactly what was happening and advise me on the best choices to make.”

“With both cars coming in a little over the reserve price, I was happy to accept the deals and let Ryan handle the rest,” she said.

Michelle's experience highlighted an important aspect of AutoFlip's process: the reserve price isn't shared with the dealers bidding. Dealers make offers based on their assessments without knowing the reserve price, ensuring a fair bidding process where offers are based on the car's perceived value by the dealers. What’s more, Ryan handled the entire negotiation process, although he ensured that Michelle was kept looped in on everything that was happening so she could have the final say.

AutoFlip Makes Selling Your Car Simple

For Michelle, a first-timer with no experience selling cars, AutoFlip was a lifesaver. She could hand over the reins to a more experienced set of hands while still being kept in the loop during the entire process. The platform's simplicity, combined with the support from the AutoFlip team, made the process manageable even for a first-time seller.

“Selling through AutoFlip took all the stress and anxiety out of the car-selling process. As someone who doesn’t know much about cars, I thought I might struggle to get a fair deal, but through AutoFlip, I was able to sell my cars with no problem,” she said.

If you’re like Michelle and are looking to sell your car but don’t know where to start, get in touch with the AutoFlip team today. We specialise in driving successful car sales forward.