Vector image of the pros and cons of selling on AutoFlip

Find Out if Selling on AutoFlip is for You

Selling your car? Discover the benefits of selling on AutoFlip! Learn how AutoFlip ensures a smooth, profitable sale without any of the usual hassles.

Selling a car can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to getting a fair price and handling the negotiations. AutoFlip offers a unique platform for car sellers, promising a streamlined and efficient process. In this guide, we'll size up AutoFlip vs traditional selling to see if selling on AutoFlip is for you.

When is AutoFlip Not for You?

1. If you Want Total Control Over the Selling Experience

For sellers who prefer to be hands-on in every aspect of the sale process, AutoFlip's full-service approach might feel restrictive. The platform takes care of most aspects of the sale, including negotiations, which is a fantastic time saver for those who are too busy or simply don’t have enough car knowledge to feel confident making the sale themselves.

However, if you consider yourself a bit of a car person and have plenty of time to spare, this hassle-free experience may not appeal to those who prefer direct involvement.

2. If New Technology Isn't for You

While we are changing the way Kiwis sell cars with our innovative platform, we understand that change isn’t for everyone, and some may struggle to use a new platform. In situations like these, we have a comprehensive support team built to make using our platform as easy as possible.

We understand that change isn’t for everyone, but for AutoFlip, it’s well worth it. Discover what is making more Kiwis turn to AutoFlip when selling their cars.

Why Sell on AutoFlip?

1. Hassle-Free Process

AutoFlip simplifies the car-selling process by handling most of the tasks on your behalf. From valuations to negotiations, the platform ensures you don't have to deal with the usual stresses of selling a car. This hands-off approach is great for first-time sellers who may lack the experience to make a successful sale or those who simply don't have the time.

2. Competitive Offers Through Bidding

One of AutoFlip's standout features is the bidding system. Your car is exposed to a wide and ever-growing network of trusted dealers and wholesale buyers who compete to make an offer. This competition often leads to receiving a better price than one might secure through a private sale or traditional dealership trade-in.

3. Expert Valuation

AutoFlip uses a combination of AutoGrab data and real-time market analytics to provide a fair and accurate valuation of your vehicle. This informed approach means you're likely to get a valuation that reflects the true worth of your car in the current market.

4. Personalised AutoFlip Concierge Service

One of the biggest benefits of AutoFlip vs private sales is our personalised concierge service. This feature assigns you an expert who handles all aspects of your listing, from initial valuation to final negotiations. Your concierge is there to answer any questions, update your listing as needed, and ensure your car is presented in the best light. This tailored service not only simplifies the process but also provides a level of professional oversight and support that can significantly elevate the chances of a successful sale.

5. No Upfront Costs

With AutoFlip, there are no listing fees, advertising fees, or hidden costs. The platform operates on a success-based fee structure, which means you only pay a fee if your car is sold. This policy can provide peace of mind and financial advantage to sellers.

6. Quick and Efficient

If you're looking to sell quickly, AutoFlip offers a speedy solution. The platform is designed to expedite the sale process, often enabling sellers to receive offers within hours of listing their vehicle. Based on internal data collected from AutoFlip Australia, 83% of successful deals are completed within just 72 hours.

AutoFlip Makes Selling Your Car Simple

The advantages of using AutoFlip are appealing if you want to sell with minimal hassle and maximise earnings. Sure, there are downsides, but for most sellers, the pros likely outweigh the cons. Make the best choice for your car sale with AutoFlip, and discover the future of selling cars in New Zealand.