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Traditional Ways to Sell a Car Compared to AutoFlip

Selling your car? In this guide, we’ll compare traditional ways to sell a car compared to AutoFlip. Discover why more Kiwis are turning to our platform to sell.

Trying to sell your car the old-fashioned way can be a real headache. Whether you're going the private sale route, trading it in at a dealership, or taking your chances at an auction, each way to sell your car comes with its own speed bumps. In this blog post, we'll compare AutoFlip with traditional selling solutions by breaking down how each method works.

Private Sales

Private sales mean selling directly to an individual, with no dealership involved. With this method, the seller handles everything, from valuing the car and creating listings to meeting buyers for viewings and test drives. This approach can maximise the sale price but requires significant effort and expertise from the seller to get it right.

By selling your car privately, you will be responsible for:

Dealer Trade-Ins

Trading in at a dealership involves either exchanging your car as part of purchasing another vehicle from them or selling it directly to the dealership. The dealer inspects and offers a price based on condition, market value, and resale potential. Their offer is typically lower than a private sale but compensates with convenience. The dealer handles paperwork, appealing to those buying a new car or wanting a quick sale.

The trade-in option generally involves:


Selling at an auction, physically or online, involves listing the car where buyers competitively bid. Sellers provide the auction house detailed info for listing upcoming auctions. Buyers can view listings/inspect cars before bidding. The highest bidder wins. Auctions are unpredictable; cars may sell high with interest or not meet the reserve price.

The car auction process includes:

How Does AutoFlip Compare?

AutoFlip revolutionises the car-selling process by combining the best aspects of traditional methods while eliminating many of their disadvantages:

Forget Traditional Methods, Discover AutoFlip Today

While these traditional ways to sell your car have been around for decades, they come with challenges that can turn people off. Selling on AutoFlip offers a modern solution that provides ease, efficiency, and potentially higher profits without the common hassles associated with traditional car sales. For those looking to sell their car with minimum fuss and maximum gain, AutoFlip presents a compelling alternative.