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What Documents Do You Need to Sell a Car?

Selling a car involves more than just ensuring it's in good physical shape; the paperwork associated with the vehicle also plays a critical role in preparing your car for sale. Proper documentation streamlines the sale and increases buyer confidence, potentially speeding up the transaction. Here's our guide on what documents you need to sell a car.

Essential Documents for Selling a Car in NZ

Warrant of Fitness (WoF)

The Warrant of Fitness is a mandatory inspection that ensures your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. When selling your vehicle, the WoF certificate must be less than one month old. A current WoF proves that your car is safe to drive and reassures potential buyers that they won't need to handle this immediately after purchase.

Certificate of Registration

This document is a must-have when selling your car as it identifies you as the legal owner. Ensure that the details are up to date and accurately reflect your current information. The certificate of registration is crucial for transferring ownership to the buyer.

Vehicle Licensing (Rego)

Vehicle licensing, or the 'Rego', proves the car is legally allowed on the road. While not a requirement for sale, selling a vehicle with current registration can significantly enhance its appeal to potential buyers, as it reduces the immediate costs they would otherwise incur.

Accident History Report

An accident history report can provide transparency and trust if your car has been involved in any accidents. This report should detail the nature of the accidents and any vehicle repairs made before selling. Being upfront about the car's history can prevent disputes or dissatisfaction later.

Service Records

Complete service records documenting your car's maintenance history can greatly increase its value. These records should detail every service visit, parts replaced, and any repairs done on the vehicle. Well-documented service records demonstrate to buyers that the car has been well-maintained, which can reduce their concerns about reliability and future maintenance costs.

Payment Records

If your car was purchased on finance, having proof that all payments have been made and that there are no outstanding liens against the vehicle is essential. A lien release or a letter from the finance company can suffice.

Helpful Documents to Have

Road User Charges (RUC) Receipts

For diesel vehicles, showing that road user charges are up to date can be an additional selling point. It's another expense that the buyer won't have to worry about immediately.

Owner's Manual and Warranty Documents

Include the owner's manual and any warranty documents that might still be applicable to the vehicle. These can be useful to the new owner and add an extra layer of value to your offer.

Tips for Organising Your Car's Paperwork

Get Your Car's Paperwork in Order

Knowing what documents you need is key to getting your car ready for sale, and having them all on hand when you make your listing ensures that you have crossed all your T's and dotted all your I's in the lead-up to a successful sale on AutoFlip.