Vector image of a pre-sale vehicle inspection

Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Selling your car on AutoFlip is an exciting process, and we want to help you get the best possible result. To do that, conducting a thorough pre-sale inspection of your vehicle is important. This pre-sale vehicle inspection checklist will guide you through the key aspects to look at, helping you prepare your car for sale before listing on AutoFlip.

Exterior Inspection

Interior Inspection

Under the Hood

Tyres and Brakes

Suspension and Alignment

Documentation and Records

Why is a Pre-Sale Inspection Important?

Conducting this pre-sale vehicle inspection is crucial as it helps you price your car competitively and negotiate with confidence. It shows potential buyers you're being transparent about your vehicle's condition, which can make them feel more at ease. Taking care of any issues ahead of time can prevent delays or haggling during the sale process.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready to Sell

By following this checklist, you're setting yourself up for a smooth, successful sale on AutoFlip. Your car will be in top shape and ready to find its new, happy home. List your car on AutoFlip today and get on the road to a great result!